NK series mobile crusher

NK series mobile crusher

NK series mobile crusher is new generation of mobile crushing station equipped with intelligent control system. It makes all components completely airborne, so there is no need to install machine and pour foundation. It can be put into use as soon as it arrives at the production site, which is very flexible.

  • Working Principle:

    Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher

    Model NK100E Mobile Crusher NK1213C Mobile Crusher
    Power 138.5kW 228.5 kW
    Weight 35T 31T
    Capacity 150-350t/h 150-300t/h

     Feeding hopper

    Volume 6m³ 6m³
    Width 2500mm 2500mm
    Vibrating screen
    Model FK0936 FK0936
    Loading width 960mm 960mm
    Loading length 3600mm 3600mm
    Model PE3040 Jaw Crusher CI5X1213 Impact Crusher
    Motor power 110kW 200kW
    Feeding depth 760mm -
    Maximum feeding size 680mm 550mm
    Discharge outlet 70-150 >30mm
    Discharge belt
    Belt conveyor width 1000mm 1000mm
    Discharge Height 3639mm 3639mm

  • Advantage:
    1.Various working modes
    NK mobile crushing station can be divided into mobile primary jaw crusher, mobile medium crusher and mobile vibrating screen. NK mobile station can be assembled according to the needs of customers, which has stronger applicability and wider application scope.
    2.Modular design
    By changing the main machine to quickly assemble the required mobile crushing station. The investment cost can be reduced and the preparation cycle can be shortened. It can satisfy customers’ diversified needs.
    3.Intelligent operation
    NK mobile crushing station adopts integrated intelligent automatic control system, which is more convenient to operate and more precise to adjust. It is easy to control the whole crushing process.
    4.Customized main machine
    The main machine equipped on the NK mobile crushing station is specially designed for mobile crusher, which takes advantages of reliable performance, large capacity, high energy utilization and easy maintenance.
    5.Go into operation quickly
    Adjustable fixed leg design can achieve no foundation installation. Airborne components do not need to be disassembled, which eliminates on-site installation process. There is no external belt conveyor, and the production site doesn’t need crane and belt conveyor, so mobile crusher can be quickly installed and debugged.
    6.Maintenance friendly
    Vibrating screen adopts thin oil self-lubrication mode and it can be replaced lubricating oil once every 8 months, which can save lubricating oil and labor costs.

  • Technical:

    Mobile Medium Crusher

    Model NK300H Mobile Crusher (No pre-screening) NK300H Mobile Crusher (With return screening) NK1213 Mobile Crusher (No pre-screening) NK1213 Mobile Crusher (With return screening)
    Power 283 kW 323.5 kW 231.5 kW 272 kW
    Weight 34T 42T 29T 37T
    Capacity 110-440t/h 110-440t/h 150-300 t/h 150-300 t/h
    Main machine
    Model HPT300 Cone Crusher HPT300 Cone Crusher CI5X1213 Impact Crusher CI5X1213 Impact Crusher
    Maximum feeding size 220mm 220mm 300mm 300mm
    Power 220kW 220kW 200 kW 200 kW
    Vibrating screen
    Model - SKX1536 - SKX1536
    Power - 15kW - 15kW
    Speed - 1000r/min - 1000r/min
    Vibration intensity - 4.5G - 4.5G
    Screen dimension (W*L) - 1500X3600mm - 1500X3600mm
    Belt conveyor
    Feeding belt conveyor width 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
    Host discharging belt conveyor width 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
    Screening transporter belt width - 500mm - 500mm
    Return belt conveyor width - 500mm - 500mm
    Discharging belt conveyor width - 1200mm - 1200mm
    Discharging belt conveyor height 3334mm 3124mm 3334mm 3124mm


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